The Law Offices of McNamara & Drass, LLP concentrates its practice on the defense of workers’ compensation and related litigation.  Our goal is to provide quality, cost effective legal services in a timely manner designed to promote the goals of our clients.  We focus on early analysis of present and potential case value and identification of options that may affect value, thus allowing the client to determine the course and cost of litigation.     


All participants in the workers' compensation system know cases don’t improve with age, and early and aggressive case resolution is a hallmark of the firm.  We don’t feel we need to prove to clients that we “know how to litigate.” By putting an early value on a case, we provide the client with the option of early settlement or continued litigation.


The firm’s intent is to limit each attorney’s caseload to 75-90 files, ensuring the attorney has the necessary time to devote the required attention to each file.  We use a software program (ProLaw) which is customized for workers’ compensation and allows ready access to file information.   All initial file reviews, deposition summaries and hearing reports issue within 10 days of the event.  Following review of a new file, no work is done until the adjuster and attorney have discussed the file and confirmed the plan of action.  All Orders, Awards and other significant documents are scanned and forwarded to the client within 24 hours of receipt. 


We track significant data, allowing the client to ‘measure’ our performance in the areas of time to closure and fees billed.  By providing the data (usually provided on a quarterly basis) we stand behind our promise to provide timely and cost-effective services.


The firm is active in the education arena, regularly providing seminars to keep clients abreast of the changes in case law and legislation, an area of increased importance with the passage of SB 899 and the implementation of ACOEM and the AMA Guides.