Our Hearing Representatives 


DAHLIA MOJICA, Hearing Representative with over 11 years of experience in the defense of workers’ compensation liens.  Ms. Mojica is a lien negotiation specialist who prepares cases for conference or trial, and who appears in court asserting all available lien defenses.  Ms. Mojica completed her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Mt. St. Mary’s College and her ABA Approved Paralegal Certificate-Litigation Specialist at California State University, Los Angeles. 


ASHLEY SCRIMMAGER, Certified Bill Reviewer pursuant to Insurance Code §11761 and California Code of Regulations, Title 10, §2592 with over five years' experience in the defense of workers’ compensation liens.  Ms. Scrimmager prepares lien matters for conference and trial and appears in court to assert all available lien defenses.  Ms. Scrimmager completed her Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies at Platt College, Ontario in 2014. She has been a certified Hearing Representative since Febraury, 2015 and bill reviewer since January, 2016. Member: R.T. Fields Bar Association.